Do you want a Smart Home?

Our skilled engineers, home designers, and programmers develop Smart Home solutions for your beloved home, embedding the newest technology into your house, to improve comfort, safety, and productivity. While taking care of data security, privacy, and local-only control, everything is to protect you and your private data.

What can a Smart Home do?

Smart Lighting

Smart Lights can be used to reduce electricity consumption, to light up pathways in the garden as you walk, to always see who’s at the front door in the night, or even send alerts and notifications across rooms. Remote controlling the lights and automating them is the key of a Smart Home, allowing you to mimic presence at home, when you’re away, or turn all the lights on/off at once when leaving home or when coming back.

Smart Appliances

Smart Appliances can be anything, from a Smart Washing Machine to a Smart Oven, a Smart Fridge, or even a Smart Coffee Maker, but you can actually control any electrical device, and also monitor their respective power consumption, using Smart Sockets. Remote control the kettle, automate the oven as you come home, safely turn off automatically the iron machine, or other dangerous devices as you leave the house.

Smart Shutters

Let the sun wake you up gently in the morning, using Smart Curtains or Smart Shutters. They can automatically adjust to protect your house from sunlight during summer, open automatically in the morning, or close in the evening, all for enhancing your comfort.

Smart Climate

Adjust the temperature based on presence, time of the day, or weather forecast, to save energy and set the perfect environment in your house. Individual temperature and humidity sensors are deployed around the house and allow sending commands to the central HVAC system in your home while displaying the current parameters in the room. It automatically adjusts both heating and cooling systems that are integrated into the Smart Home.

Smart Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of a Smart Home. Add Smart Cameras and Smart Motion Sensors for triggering a whole range of actions if any unauthorized movement is detected, even taking real-time measures. Complete the setup with door/window contact sensors for being in the know if you’ve left the door open, or if someone tries to break in.

Smart Safety

Smart Safety is a must in a Smart Home. It usually means using Smart Leakage and Smart Gas sensors, that will notify you and even take real-time measures in case any water leakage is detected in the bathroom or service room, as well as any smoke or inflammable gases leakages.

Smart Media & Entertainment

A Smart Home is not yet completed without Smart Media integration, like Smart TVs or Smart Multi-room Audio systems. Get all your media stations, television shows, and favorite Spotify playlists in one control place. Use the multi-room audio system to send vocal notifications, alerts, and pre-recorded messages to any room around the house

Smart Garden

The Smart Garden may be the hot spot of your home, so keep it green, even when you’re in holidays, by automating the sprinklers and other watering systems. Let your garden compute the best moment for a refresh, based on real-time parameters, like temperature, humidity, light level, rain level, weather forecast, and presence detection. Add some Smart Lights and a Smart Audio system and let the party begin at the pool.